Cross-Pollination Interview: AP Reporter Dorie Turner

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This is the first in a series of interviews and guest posts, highlighting writers who aren’t tech writers. I call it Cross-Pollination.

Here’s 17 minutes of audio with Dorie Turner, a reporter with AP. Click the Play button to get started.


Check out some of Dorie Turner’s articles on DayLife.

I’ve listed a sort of map to some of the question:

  • 35 seconds: Are you a writer, a journalist, or a reporter?
  • 2 mins 16 secs: Do you enjoy writing fiction or journalistic stuff more?
  • 3 mins 01 secs: Do you get to use your own “voice” or are you limited to AP-speak?
  • 3 mins 52 secs: Is it harder to write features than basic news stories?
  • 4 mins 28secs: Do you have to remember all the AP Style?
  • 6 mins 49 secs: Does AP have guidelines for citing Twitter and Facebook?
  • 7 mins 44 secs: Is journalism in trouble?
  • 10 mins 04 secs: Is there such a thing as journalistic objectivity?
  • 12 mins 18 secs: What are differences between writing for print vs. radio or video?
  • 13 mins 12 secs: What are some difficulties you experience daily?
  • 14 mins 42 secs: Any advice to people who want to get into Journalism?
  • 16 mins 25 secs: Anything you want to say to tech writers?
Dorie Turner has been a reporter for a decade, working for the
Chattanooga Times Free Press for five years before starting her job
with The Associated Press in Atlanta covering education. Dorie
received her bachelor’s in journalism from the University of
Tennessee. She’s done NaNoWriMo once, producing exactly 50,000 words
and proving the absolute minimum works just fine.

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