Video: “Sliding” Help for iPhone App

Here’s just under 4 minutes showing how we implemented help for an iPhone app, using something we called “sliding help.”

Before rolling the video, though, here are two issues I wrestled with, but didn’t mention in the video:

Reduce Scrolling or Add White Space?

When writing for a regular web page or help file, I’ve developed a sense about when to add a line break. But for the iPhone, I think that scrolling may be even more annoying than it is on the web.

So I gave up some white space and allowed occasional long paragraphs. It’s uglier, but may be easier to use.

Level of Detail

How deep do I dive? This is a constant question when developing help, but the iPhone felt a little different. I think that, again, it’s a matter of trying to avoid scrolling as much as possible.

So I occasionally had a “QUICK” answer that fit on the screen, and then a “MORE DETAIL” answer that you have to scroll to see.

I’m brand new to this stuff, so please let me know your thoughts. Are there things I did right? Wrong? Horrendously wrong?

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