Question to Ask: How Will the Reader Get Here?

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What questions do you ask when first given a writing assignment?

I’ve previously posted that “who’s the audience” is one of the first questions a professional writer asks. Now I’ll talk about another biggie:

How will the audience get to the page in question?

The answer can color the entire document. And if you don’t ask, then your work could end up being frustrating to write, and to read.

Knowing the answers helps you know, among other things:

  • The reader’s knowledge of the subject
  • The reader’s state of mind.

This information helps you know whether to write tons of explanatory copy, just the deep dive techy stuff, sales and marketing copy, or something else.

An example is in order.

Let’s say I’m asked to write a FAQ web page about driving a vehicle on the surface of Mars. (It will happen!)

How does the audience get here?

  • From an advertisement that gave them no information at all?
  • From a detailed document that said, “for more information, see”?
  • From a brochure selling the benefits of driving?
  • From an email sent only to ex-Venus drivers?
  • From a knowledge-base article?

The answer implies whether the reader is seriously interested, or just on a lark. Whether the reader is extremely knowledgeable, or still in the dark. Whether the reader is ready to bite, or just wants to bark.

And the more you know, the better you’re able to target your writing and save people the frustration of either reading what they already know, or not reading what they need to know.

So, along with “who’s the audience,” “how will they get here” is part of the boilerplate questions that I automatically ask every new person requesting copy.

Are there other questions that are more important to ask right away? Are there better ways to rhyme with lark? Let me know!

See: (it doesn’t go anywhere, but maybe some day it will!)

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