Chimps and Monkeys

Tech Communicators should dial every phone number in a document. We should click every link. We’re the last people to check on stuff like that when everyone else assumes that it’s already been done. The publishers of one of my daughter’s books had a writer and an editor. But no tech writer or tech editor!

In this book, you take magnets shaped and colored to represent animals, and you place the magnets in the book. The lion sits near the cubs. The gorilla sits on a rock.

On one page, the book says, “A chimpanzee swings from a tree branch.” But there’s only one magnet that looks anything at all chimp-like, and it’s a monkey.

Here we have a children’s book ABOUT ANIMALS that can’t bother to simply look at a chimp before putting one in the book. Whenever we write, we need to be careful. But when we’re trying to educate children (and every communication with children is educating them), we really need to do the homework.

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