Never Say “Coming Soon”

Coming Soon... maybe

Here’s something that I’ve learned through hard experience.

Never say or imply that some feature, app, update, or anything else, is coming soon.

It happens frequently that a product manager will request a line that a new feature or bug fix will be released next month. The PM understandably wants to build some excitement, and of course, believes that the thing really will get built and released.

One of two things will then happen:

  1. Everything will go swimmingly, and you’ll have told customers a few weeks in advance about something they have to wait to get anyway. Or…
  2. The feature won’t get released on time (or ever), and you’ll lose the trust and respect of your audience.

In other words, it’s not worth it. Trust me on this one and PUSH BACK.

An example from the wild:

Coming Soon

Top of the Page....

And then comes the bottom of the page. How many years is “shortly”?

not update since 2006

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