My Advice? Be Consistent, Not Interesting

I’ve posted previously about whether you Sign into a site or Sign in to one. (The latter, and here’s why.)

But there’s a further question about whether you sign in or log in. Answer: Doesn’t matter!

But then, imagine getting to the first step in a series, and reading what’s in the image below (plus the part I erased):

There are a couple of small issues, and one big one. Let’s skip the small ones….

The big issue:

The step says to sign in, then tells you what to do after you’ve logged in to something. We don’t really know whether the thing we’re logging in to is the same as the thing we signed in to.

And anyway, are sign in and log in two different things? If they are, then can we get some more explanation? And if they’re not, then why have two different terms for the same thing?

Be Consistent. If it’s boring to use the same term over and over again, then be boring. Nice and boring. Nice and boring and clear and unambiguous. Be consistent.


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